SkillNations provides consulting services for organizations (donor organizations, corporations, governments and NGOs) who want to develop state-of-the art workforce development systems

  • CONNECTING PEOPLE AND JOBSWe provide an analysis of the skills needed by employers and the training needed to achive it.
  • TRAININGUnderstanding the kind of training needed is crucial to developing employees and a vibrant work force.
  • GLOBALWith experience across the globe, we specialize in integrating real world economics with the local realities of developing countries.
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Creating solutions at the intersection of skills, jobs, and sustainable economic growth.

My name is Monika Aring, CEO of Skillnations and I invite you to think of me as a master steward of knowledge about what it takes for communities, countries, and regions to have the skills they need to sustainably grow their incomes, jobs, and economies. My work is highly customized, and most often projects are built from the ground up in order to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client. The common denominator is that they all occur within the intersection of skills, jobs, and sustainable economic growth.