My services are highly customized.  Most often projects are built from the ground up in order to meet the unique needs and objectives of  each client. If the work requires additional people I have access to a network of experts around the world.  I’ve worked with many of these and know what they can deliver  The common denominator is that our expertise is deeply rooted in helping communities, States, and countries improve their economic performance by making better and more strategic investments in their human capital. 

Much of my work is organized around discovering innovative and relevant  answers to these four (and similar) questions:

  1. How can we build more resilient links between employers and educators?
  2. Where do development and business goals intersect, presenting opportunities for strategic partnerships?
  3. What investment strategies are most effective for developing resilient learning network?
  4. How to engage stakeholders so they can institutionalize innovations after the donor has gone?
I am available to provide expert consulting and solutions in the following areas:
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Performance appraisals
  • Building resilient learning network
  • Rapid assessment
  • Evaluation, program design, development and review
  • Stakeholder facilitation for breakthrough results
  • Leading teams in challenging environments
  • Harnessing the potential of extensive networks and relationships among the international development industry, such donors and contractors, and corporations
  • Creative and collaborative problem solving
  • New business development, and sales