Skills Gaps

Policy MakersWhat is the reported extent of skills gaps around the world?  For UNESCO’s Global Monitoring Report I reviewed over 100 employer reports on skills gaps in some 40 countries in almost all regions of the world.  More than half of employers around the world say that gaps in skills constrain their growth. For example: India’s National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has forecast that by 2022, there will be an incremental shortfall of 240-250 million people in high growth sectors of the Indian economy (where 90 percent of the population works in the informal sector); 67 percent of Brazil’s employers say lack of skills constrain their growth; Similarly, 50 percent of Egypt’s employers reported these constraints; Similar or higher numbers can be found throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

What are skills gaps in Egypt, U.S., Brazil and India?  Using employer reports on skills gaps and other data, at the request of UNESCO I compiled four case studies that analyzed skills gaps in these countries.  You can find these in the publications section of this website.

What do exit requirements from vocational schools in the U.S., compare to 5 northern European countries? With support from the German Marshall Fund of the United States I conducted a study of exit requirements for skills and knowledge from U.S. and northern European vocational institutions in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and the NL.