Rapid Assessment

How could we quickly assess the capacity of a country’s workforce?  USAID needed a systematic way to quickly assess and analyze workforce gaps, assets, and needs in developing countries.  I led a team that developed USAID’s first rapid assessment tool, used in the Agency’s Global Workforce in Transition Program.

How to mitigate U.S. Free Trade Agreement on Morocco’s Workforce?  We conducted a rapid assessment of Morocco’s workforce needs and the likely impact of the Free Trade Agreement on the country’s agricultural production jobs and income.  The results were used to stage the Agreement’s impact and help affected population gain higher value-adding skills.

What’s the potential for skill development and job creation in Arab nations?  Silatech and Manpower asked me to participate in a high level team to determine the potential for Silatech investments in skills development and job creation in Yemen, Morocco, and Qatar.  The findings led to the development of Silatech’s program in 22 Arab countries.

How to improve the transition from school to work in Jordan?  We conducted a rapid assessment of Jordan’s employers, educators and intermediary organizations to assess how to design an effective school to work transition pilot in Amman.  This assessment became the basis for a multi-year project in Jordan.

What’s the capacity of Haiti’s workforce institutions to provide needed skills after the earthquake?  At the request of USAID I led a team of experts who assessed public and private education and training institutions, compared their programs to the needs of employers, and recommended strategic priorities for USAID, including private sector partnerships.